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Explorer Post antennas available

Fundraiser Update Nov 2015: The explorer post has unfortunately been shut down for now due to lack of youth involvement.  These antennas are now being sold at https://signalstuff.com   In order to raise funds for post activities, the N7BSA Utah County Explorer Post 1973 makes ham radio antennas for handheld radios and sells them for $20 each. […]

Runner time sheet

There are a few versions of the runner time sheet floating around, but this is my favorate (because I’m a busybody and I modified it to my whims). Runner Time Sheet

Squaw Peak 50 Radio Volunteers meeting

We will be having a meeting for the Aid station radio volunteers for the Squaw Peak 50 today (May 31, 2012) at 6:00pm (1800 hours) at Vetrans Memorial Park on Locust Ave. and 300 S in Pleasant Grove.

Times and locations for the 2012 Squaw Peak 50 Ultra-Marathon

Information from Micah who is coordinating this year’s SP50 radio volunteers: Reminder A reminder to the Radio Aid Stations volunteers that you need to pick up the drop bags that go to your respective Aid Station assignment 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 at Vivian Park before they go to there respective locations. […]

September Explorer Post Meeting

It’s that time again! We have some special guests coming to the post meeting this month (Sept 13, 2011); we will have a scout troop visiting with 10-15 boys who want to learn what Ham Radio is, so please everyone (particularly youth) come if you can!  We have also invited some other youth to come […]

August post meeting canceled

Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, the August 11, 2010 explorer post meeting will be postponed until September.  Most of the leadership has had things come up and won’t be able to make it, and frankly we’d rather cancel the meeting than have people come and not have anything worthwhile there for them. The […]

August Post Meeting

This August post meeting is the second month of our three month series on event kits. In July, we saw some examples of what elements should be included in the kit. This month we will start to assemble the event kits, and we will also be learning about proper radio procedures in events. Evey Post […]

July Post Meeting

Over the next three months, post members will see examples of event kits, make them, and test them out. For the July post meeting, we will demonstrate a few examples of what should be in an event kit. An event kit is going to be sort of like a jump kit from ARES, but will […]

June post meeting

Hey everyone, sorry for the late notice on what is going on in June.  We’ll try to inform you earlier of the July activity (at the June one, in fact). We are starting a series of meetings on event preparedness.  Some of the specifics haven’t been nailed down, but the June meeting will be focussed […]

Fox Hunt / Bar-B-Q – May 12th

On May 12, Explorer Post 1973 will have a Fox Hunt starting 6:00 pm at UVU Computer Science Building (room 714). At a remote location, Terry will prepare a BBQ and be the fox.  Friends are welcome.