Explorer Post antennas available


Update Nov 2015: The explorer post has unfortunately been shut down for now due to lack of youth involvement.  These antennas are now being sold at https://signalstuff.com


In order to raise funds for post activities, the N7BSA Utah County Explorer Post 1973 makes ham radio antennas for handheld radios and sells them for $20 each. We have just completed our latest batch and they are the best and highest quality antennas to date.

Why would you want to buy one of our antennas?

  • Lifetime warranty – If any part of the antenna breaks during normal use we will repair or replace the antenna free of charge.
  • Works on 2m and 70 cm
  • Perfect for your primary or backup antenna on your handheld radio
  • Made with Nitinol superelastic wire – You can coil it and put it in your pocket or tie it in knots; it is *very* difficult to kink.
  • 1.0mm thick wire – previous batches were made with much thinner wire which flopped around far more. This batch is much more sturdy than our previous nitinol offerings.
  • All proceeds go to the explorer post – The funds are used to pay for learning experiences, equipment, repeater maintenance etc for the explorer post which is open to all kids ages 8 to 21.

BNC and SMA, coiled and straight

Coil it up and put it in your pocket

Both BNC and SMA available

  • Steve Faber

    Who do I contact if I want to purchase an antenna?


  • http://colonelpanic.net taxilian

    I only have BNC antennas left for now, but shoot me an email. If you need SMA let me know that and I’ll let you know when we next make a batch. kd7bbc at n7bsa.org