Times and locations for the 2012 Squaw Peak 50 Ultra-Marathon

Information from Micah who is coordinating this year’s SP50 radio volunteers:


A reminder to the Radio Aid Stations volunteers that you need to pick up the drop bags that go to your respective Aid Station assignment 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 at Vivian Park before they go to there respective locations. NOTE: 7 and 8 are always the largest and 8 will have help from our Aid Station people as the bags from that aid station alone can fill up the back of a pick up! So they need to have a truck if at all possible . most know this who have helped in the past.

Aid Station Directions and Set up Times (from Vivian Park)

Aid station 2- Hope Campground

mile 5.58 – set up time = 5:00 AM (no drop bags to pick up) (drive time about 20+ minutes)

  • Go 4 miles from Vivian Park down Provo Canyon (west)
  • Turn left on the Squaw Peak Road.
  • Go 4.1 miles turn left to Hope campground
  • Go 0.4 miles turn and left on the dirt road down into the campground
  • Stay right and drive around campground to site 10 at south end

Aid Station 3 – Rock Canyon

mile 10.85 – set up time = 6:20 AM (drive time about 40-45 minutes)

  • leave hope campground and turn left and follow dirt road for about 7.1 miles
  • turn out just past large pine tree on left side of road (there is a large turn out and the road then bends around to the right)

Aid Station 4 – Horse Mountain

mile 14.62 – set up time = 6:55 AM (Drive time about 60-70 minutes)

– Same as Aid Station 5 plus at 5 Turn left and follow main dirt road up Pole Heaven canyon and past Camel Past for
Approximately 7.5 miles to Horse Mountain Overlook at pass where road makes right turn. Set up is on flat dirt area above road to right

Aid Station 5 – Pole Heaven

mile 20.94 – set up time = 7:30 AM (drive time about 35 minutes)

  • from Squaw peak Road continue down the canyon on Hwy 189 (University Ave. in Provo) Take I-15 South
  • Get off on the 400 South, Springville exit.
  • turn left (east) drive through Springville
  • follow signs to Hobble Creek golf Course
  • a few hundred yards past the GC there is a fork in the road; take the one on the left – This is “Left Fork Hobble Creek”
  • about 2.2 miles on left is dirt road and Forest Service Gate this is Pole Heaven Canyon
  • turn left and go 1.2 miles up dirt road to next gate and park on the downhill side of gate to the left, this is AS#5

Aid Station 6 – Left Fork – end of paved road

mile 26.05 – set up time = 8:10 AM (drive time about 45 minutes)

  • go 3.7 miles past A/S 5 to A/S 6

Aid Station 7 – Sheep Canyon

mile 29.98 – set up time = 8:55 AM (drive time about 65-75 minutes)

  • go 3.8 miles past AS 6 to location where Sheep Canyon comes in from the left.

Aid Station 8 – Little Valley

4×4 recommended – mile 33.52 – set up time = 9:30 AM (drive time about 45-55 minutes)

  • really, really good off road driving skills needed
  • Head East from Vivian Park up Provo Canyon about 8 miles.
  • Turn right to Wallsburg
  • go about 3.6 miles (11.5 total) and turn right at Stop sign / Cemetery sign.
  • go about 2.1 (13.7) miles and turn RIGHT at Little Valley Road.
  • Turn LEFT about .7 (14.4) miles on Little Hobble Creek road.
  • about 1 mile pavement ends, at 4.4 (18.9) miles turn right. You are now in Little Valley and there is a corral just ahead and to the left go right just after crossing the creek
  • go another .6 (19.5) mile to Aid Station..

Aid Station 9 – Windy Pass

accessible only by trails – mile 41.49 – set up time = 11:00 AM

  • To reach Trailhead follow directions below for AS 10 but keep going past Big Springs turnoff another 1.1 miles to parking lot on the right
  • go turn right and continue up dirt road though staying to the left and go to parking area which about .55 miles.
  • And then head west 200 yards though gate on foot to trail head.
  • Follow the trail for 6 miles or so to Windy Pass. (Check with John or others who have been up there for specifics)

Aid Station 10 – Big Springs

mile 46.5 – set up time = 12:00 PM (drive time about 10 minutes)

  • 3.2 miles up South Fork Provo Canyon. (This is the small paved road that goes on up past/through Vivian Park to the Forest Access Road.)
  • Turn Right on Paved road and .3 mile to Aid Station at gate next to Parking lot at Large Pavilion.
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