Explorer Post antennas available


Update Nov 2015: The explorer post has unfortunately been shut down for now due to lack of youth involvement.  These antennas are now being sold at https://signalstuff.com


In order to raise funds for post activities, the N7BSA Utah County Explorer Post 1973 makes ham radio antennas for handheld radios and sells them for $20 each. We have just completed our latest batch and they are the best and highest quality antennas to date.

Why would you want to buy one of our antennas?

  • Lifetime warranty – If any part of the antenna breaks during normal use we will repair or replace the antenna free of charge.
  • Works on 2m and 70 cm
  • Perfect for your primary or backup antenna on your handheld radio
  • Made with Nitinol superelastic wire – You can coil it and put it in your pocket or tie it in knots; it is *very* difficult to kink.
  • 1.0mm thick wire – previous batches were made with much thinner wire which flopped around far more. This batch is much more sturdy than our previous nitinol offerings.
  • All proceeds go to the explorer post – The funds are used to pay for learning experiences, equipment, repeater maintenance etc for the explorer post which is open to all kids ages 8 to 21.

BNC and SMA, coiled and straight

Coil it up and put it in your pocket

Both BNC and SMA available

Runner time sheet

There are a few versions of the runner time sheet floating around, but this is my favorate (because I’m a busybody and I modified it to my whims).

Runner Time Sheet

Squaw Peak 50 Radio Volunteers meeting

We will be having a meeting for the Aid station radio volunteers for the Squaw Peak 50 today (May 31, 2012) at 6:00pm (1800 hours) at Vetrans Memorial Park on Locust Ave. and 300 S in Pleasant Grove.

Times and locations for the 2012 Squaw Peak 50 Ultra-Marathon

Information from Micah who is coordinating this year’s SP50 radio volunteers:


A reminder to the Radio Aid Stations volunteers that you need to pick up the drop bags that go to your respective Aid Station assignment 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 at Vivian Park before they go to there respective locations. NOTE: 7 and 8 are always the largest and 8 will have help from our Aid Station people as the bags from that aid station alone can fill up the back of a pick up! So they need to have a truck if at all possible . most know this who have helped in the past.

Aid Station Directions and Set up Times (from Vivian Park)

Aid station 2- Hope Campground

mile 5.58 – set up time = 5:00 AM (no drop bags to pick up) (drive time about 20+ minutes)

  • Go 4 miles from Vivian Park down Provo Canyon (west)
  • Turn left on the Squaw Peak Road.
  • Go 4.1 miles turn left to Hope campground
  • Go 0.4 miles turn and left on the dirt road down into the campground
  • Stay right and drive around campground to site 10 at south end

Aid Station 3 – Rock Canyon

mile 10.85 – set up time = 6:20 AM (drive time about 40-45 minutes)

  • leave hope campground and turn left and follow dirt road for about 7.1 miles
  • turn out just past large pine tree on left side of road (there is a large turn out and the road then bends around to the right)

Aid Station 4 – Horse Mountain

mile 14.62 – set up time = 6:55 AM (Drive time about 60-70 minutes)

– Same as Aid Station 5 plus at 5 Turn left and follow main dirt road up Pole Heaven canyon and past Camel Past for
Approximately 7.5 miles to Horse Mountain Overlook at pass where road makes right turn. Set up is on flat dirt area above road to right

Aid Station 5 – Pole Heaven

mile 20.94 – set up time = 7:30 AM (drive time about 35 minutes)

  • from Squaw peak Road continue down the canyon on Hwy 189 (University Ave. in Provo) Take I-15 South
  • Get off on the 400 South, Springville exit.
  • turn left (east) drive through Springville
  • follow signs to Hobble Creek golf Course
  • a few hundred yards past the GC there is a fork in the road; take the one on the left – This is “Left Fork Hobble Creek”
  • about 2.2 miles on left is dirt road and Forest Service Gate this is Pole Heaven Canyon
  • turn left and go 1.2 miles up dirt road to next gate and park on the downhill side of gate to the left, this is AS#5

Aid Station 6 – Left Fork – end of paved road

mile 26.05 – set up time = 8:10 AM (drive time about 45 minutes)

  • go 3.7 miles past A/S 5 to A/S 6

Aid Station 7 – Sheep Canyon

mile 29.98 – set up time = 8:55 AM (drive time about 65-75 minutes)

  • go 3.8 miles past AS 6 to location where Sheep Canyon comes in from the left.

Aid Station 8 – Little Valley

4×4 recommended – mile 33.52 – set up time = 9:30 AM (drive time about 45-55 minutes)

  • really, really good off road driving skills needed
  • Head East from Vivian Park up Provo Canyon about 8 miles.
  • Turn right to Wallsburg
  • go about 3.6 miles (11.5 total) and turn right at Stop sign / Cemetery sign.
  • go about 2.1 (13.7) miles and turn RIGHT at Little Valley Road.
  • Turn LEFT about .7 (14.4) miles on Little Hobble Creek road.
  • about 1 mile pavement ends, at 4.4 (18.9) miles turn right. You are now in Little Valley and there is a corral just ahead and to the left go right just after crossing the creek
  • go another .6 (19.5) mile to Aid Station..

Aid Station 9 – Windy Pass

accessible only by trails – mile 41.49 – set up time = 11:00 AM

  • To reach Trailhead follow directions below for AS 10 but keep going past Big Springs turnoff another 1.1 miles to parking lot on the right
  • go turn right and continue up dirt road though staying to the left and go to parking area which about .55 miles.
  • And then head west 200 yards though gate on foot to trail head.
  • Follow the trail for 6 miles or so to Windy Pass. (Check with John or others who have been up there for specifics)

Aid Station 10 – Big Springs

mile 46.5 – set up time = 12:00 PM (drive time about 10 minutes)

  • 3.2 miles up South Fork Provo Canyon. (This is the small paved road that goes on up past/through Vivian Park to the Forest Access Road.)
  • Turn Right on Paved road and .3 mile to Aid Station at gate next to Parking lot at Large Pavilion.

September Explorer Post Meeting

It’s that time again!

We have some special guests coming to the post meeting this month (Sept 13, 2011); we will have a scout troop visiting with 10-15 boys who want to learn what Ham Radio is, so please everyone (particularly youth) come if you can!  We have also invited some other youth to come and learn.

We will be running a mock event to show the boys what sorts of things we normally do at an event and we need radio operators and radios so that the boys can have a chance to operate third party and see what Ham Radio is all about. It will be a lot of fun and it will be a great opportunity for anyone who wants to learn more about what we’re doing. Existing operators will be paired with those who don’t have a license so that they have a chance to operate third-party. Please let me know ASAP (kd7bbc@n7bsa.org) if you will be able to be there so we can plan refreshments and make sure our scenario can handle the group.

January Meeting. All the important things you should know.

The Klondike is next Friday and Saturday, January 21st and 22nd.

We spent a while discussing how to solve the parking issues. It was decided that we would have Terry stationed further up the road than usual, just past the Hill of Ice. The middle parking lot is designated for staff and for drop offs only (driver doesn’t leave vehicle). The parking lot by the lodge is first come first serve. The top lot will be recommended for those in the family camp sites. The bottom lot will be recommended for those out in the group sites. James will give Terry a list of all the groups coming up, in order from stake first then ward, of where they are camped. Becca and an unknown female atm will be net control inside the lodge.

People coming to help with Klondike:
-Becca (net)
-Jacob B.
-Jacob’s dad

The biathlon is this Saturday, January 15.

This year we are not scoring. We are meeting that morning at 6 AM at the McDonnalds in Spanish Fork right off of I15 on the left side. We can carpool up to the site if we have extra seats.

People coming to help with Biathlon:
-Becca (net)
-Carson Sr.
-Jim O.

According to Terry’s sources, our repeater is working again, and should be shortly up. I’m thinking that it won’t be up until after the millennium, but miracles do happen.

August post meeting canceled

Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, the August 11, 2010 explorer post meeting will be postponed until September.  Most of the leadership has had things come up and won’t be able to make it, and frankly we’d rather cancel the meeting than have people come and not have anything worthwhile there for them.

The annual UCARES picnic will be September 7, and we invite all members of the explorer post to come and support the UCARES group.  The explorer post will be donating a couple of antennas to UCARES for the drawing.  The picnic will start at 1800 hours.  The next explorer post meeting will be the following day, September 7.

See you all there!

August Post Meeting

This August post meeting is the second month of our three month series on event kits. In July, we saw some examples of what elements should be included in the kit. This month we will start to assemble the event kits, and we will also be learning about proper radio procedures in events.

Evey Post member should bring their radio this month with their manual. We also ask that every member composes a radio “cheat sheet,” which should include how to change frequencies, how to set pl tones, how to turn off power saving modes, etc.

The meeting is August 11, 2010 in the computer science building at UVU at 7pm.

July Post Meeting

Over the next three months, post members will see examples of event kits, make them, and test them out. For the July post meeting, we will demonstrate a few examples of what should be in an event kit. An event kit is going to be sort of like a jump kit from ARES, but will only have the basics that post members need for what we do, (eg parades, races, etc.)

Also as a side note, we will be limiting the post meeting to 50 minutes, and after the meeting talkative and confused people can socialize.

The meeting is July 14, 2010 in the computer science building at UVU at 7pm.

June post meeting

Hey everyone, sorry for the late notice on what is going on in June.  We’ll try to inform you earlier of the July activity (at the June one, in fact).

We are starting a series of meetings on event preparedness.  Some of the specifics haven’t been nailed down, but the June meeting will be focussed on:

  • Demonstrating common types of cables used in ham radio and on events
  • Demonstrating common types of antennas and briefly discussing their advantages and disadvantages
  • Discussion of what should be in your even preparedness kit (similar to what is often called a “Jump Kit”)
  • Demonstration of how cable connectors are installed
  • Brief discussion of what it takes to get a ham radio license for those interested

Please come with the radio that you most commonly use for events so that we can plan for what types of connectors we may need for future meetings as we build our kits.  If you don’t have a radio, no worries!  We’ll talk about that too.

The meeting is (today) June 9, 2010 in the computer science building at UVU at 7pm.  There will be a presidency meeting at 6:15 (or as soon thereafter as you can get there) for those on the committee and in the presidency.